3rd Annual Paonia Film Festival


Our home town of Paonia is located in the mountains of western Colorado somewhere between Aspen and Telluride as the crow flies, and we just love it here. Besides breathtaking scenic beauty, organic farms, fruit orchards, wineries, and a brewery (along side a coal mine or two), it has become a magnet for artists, musicians, writers, and film makers, creative types of all shapes and hues – a virtual incubator for the arts.  With all the creativity around, there is usually something interesting to do in town, and this last weekend was no exception.

The 3rd annual Paonia Film Festival played to sold out audiences at the Paradise Theater on Grand Ave. for two days. This entertaining event attracts film makers from the surrounding area and presents short films which fall within the categories of documentary, films featuring kids, music video, promotional, drama, environmental and art, and comedy. All of the films that were accepted were shown on Friday night and Saturday afternoon and the showings ran somewhere around three hours. We attended the festival on Friday night and the three hours went by very quickly. We were thoroughly entertained. The show provided interesting subjects, excellent cinematography, funny stuff, some fine acting, and, of course, some cool music videos.

We produced a video for our song “Sleeping In The Midday Sun” back in November utilizing our friend John Hutchison’s “Junk-Art Garden” and various other locations in the area. It was a crazy two or three of days of filming with the skillful David Jacobson doing the camera work. We all contributed ideas for the story board and Helen did the final editing. We entered our video in the festival, as did some of our musical friends. There are some fine musicians around here who had made some excellent videos. There were 7 music videos in the final screening. The judges for the festival were from Aspen, Telluride, and Denver, and honestly we thought it was a toss up, but we are proud and honored to say that we took the prize for Best Music Video. We had a blast being part of the event, and of course that is what it is all about anyway, but hey, we’ll enjoy our 15 minutes in the fishbowl – plus it gives us a good excuse to write this blog.  Another page in the annals of Sconesology.

The Paonia Film Festival is really a wonderful event.  HERE is the link to the “Sleeping In The Midday Sun” video and a couple links to other films we enjoyed at the festival:

The Dreaded Red Line – by Hutman Media – environmental film

Rich Man – by Jordan Schevene – music video featuring Sticky Mulligan

Footnote – We also won Best Music Video at the 2012 Paonia Film Festival with “Something Happening In The Air”, which you can view HERE.