Reflections On The Scones Past & Future




Now that our band, The Scones, has moved on from its Strolling Scones moniker and total immersion in the wild and heady decade of the 1960s We were reflecting upon what took us there and what it means today.

The 1960s were a time when myths, which reflected some of mankind’s deepest  desires, were created and on display in “living color”.  As Joseph Campbell stated, “people need their myths”.  There was the Beatles and Beatlmania (called by many the greatest band of all time), Hendrix (called by many the greatest guitarist of all time), and soo much music (which is still being played and covered more than the music from any other decade (sorry Gershwins, Jerome Kern, Cole Poter, etc.)  There was the Kennedy’s and Camelot and a feeling that we could finally solve many of the globe’s maladies. It was a time when CEOs actually turned down pay raises because they felt that making 15 times what the their average worker was earning was just fine.  Back then the Earth was greener, the ice caps were larger, and there was more diversity in the animal kingdom.  The civil rights movement exploded on the scene as did the environmental movement, women’s lib, the anti-war movement, and space exploration.   There was a feeling amongst a large segment of society that a better world lay ahead.  It does seem that this feeling is lacking somewhat today and I think that is why so many folks, young and old, look back to the 60s with rose colored glasses.

Besides loving the music from that era, all of the other elements of that  interesting decade drew us, as a band, into the vortex of the 60s.  As we move further from the reality of that era (it’s now half a century ago) the myth in the public’s mind seems to be growing and now as an original band in the 21st Century we as The Scones will still carry a bit of the hopes and aspirations of that period in our back pocket.


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