Making Wavez from Colorado

This is the third in our series highlighting very cool radio stations that play independent artists.

One of the best friends an independent artist could have in the radio business is dj Carmen Allgood. Carmen revolutionized commercial radio in Oklahoma City in 1986 by hosting a highly successful show featuring only local artists.

Nearly 25 years later, Carmen Allgood produces and hosts the world’s first and only syndicated indie music radio shows – The Colorado Wave and Indie Music Wave, showcasing the best in independent music from Colorado and around the world. To date, these weekly shows have featured over 20,000 indie artists, are broadcast on over 100 affiliate broadcasting platforms throughout the world, and have 170,000 podcast subscribers. You can listen to Carmen’s podcasts through her website at .

In addition to the music radio shows, Carmen also has a weekly broadcast with music industry specialist and author David Barber and Indie 104 iRadio LA general manager Mark Maverick where they share decades of experience with hundreds of thousands of listeners from all over the world about the ins and outs of the music industry.

Also a published author and contributing writer to out of Sydney, Australia, Carmen writes extensively on one of her favorite subjects – love.

Carmen Allgood possesses a delightfully wry sense of humor and one of the coolest radio voices in broadcasting history. Check out her complete bio at and while you’re at it, pick up some great vegetarian recipes off of her website.


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