Strolling Scones Go Solar!

Sunshine in the winter, spring, summer & fall. We’ve got lots of it out here in western Colorado. Somewhere around 245 sunny days annually! After seeing how our venerable drummer, Harry Knipe’s house (and the Scones rehearsal facility) was being effectively powered and heated by the sun, It seemed like a no brainer to consider it for our house and recording studio here in Paonia. It has not only freed Harry up from paying any electric bill for the past several years, but he also has received payment from his provider for times when he generated more than his needs. We made the plunge and now we’re online with the Sun. The transition was amazingly easy and the solar arrays should cover the house’s electric needs for years to come. The life of the panels is estimated to be at least 30 years. That’s a lot of free electricity and now we can just laugh when the power company decides it’s time to raise the rates! Does this mean we’re going to start playing Sunshine Pop?


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